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Electrode boilers "Galan"

Electrode boiler "Galan" is an electrode boiler heating flow type, which immediately begins to show its advantage over other heaters - it does not require harmonization of the installation with the kotlonadzora ( "Regulations for Design and Operation of electrode boilers)

The process of heating the coolant in electric "Galan" comes at the expense of ionization, of the splitting of molecules of the coolant at the positive and negative ions, which move respectively to the negative and positive electrodes, the electrodes are changing the poles 50 times a second, the ions fluctuate, providing that energy, of the process of heating the coolant goes directly, without a "mediator" (for example TENa).

Ionization chamber, where this process, small size, so the sharp warming of the coolant and, consequently, increase its pressure (at maximum power the device - up to 2 atmospheres). Thus, the electric "Galan" is both a heating and circulating pump, which saves the consumer a lot of resources.

Features of the electric "Galan" should be its remarkable reliability:
● Turn off at short circuit electrical current
● Turn off when overheated wires conducting current
● Disabling above a given temperature (radiator / air in the room)
● Turn off in the absence of coolant (leaked to the heating system)

History of production GALAN

The current worldwide heating device for individual use (boilers for liquid, solid, gaseous fuel, TENovye boilers) are ineffective, expensive, bulky, inconvenient to install and dangerous operation. Their techno-economic indicators do not meet modern requirements. Since 1992, the company "Galan", using standards and exchange of military technology development, has begun to create a new generation of electrical heating appliances - electrode boiler flow type, which are based on the ionization of the coolant.


The first production model, operation of which confirmed the correctness of the path chosen by the firm. The use of heating systems with electric company "Galan" will: reduce the specific power consumption for space heating and hot water, as well as for the devices of "Galan" it by 30-40% lower compared with other heat generators.


The use of heating systems with electric company "Galan" will result in: placing heat and provide hot water facilities, away from communications (towns in remote places, railway polustanki, outposts, warehouses, railway coaches, etc.) o quickly provide heat and hot water to regions affected by natural disasters or as a result of military action. o save the consumer a lot of funds, because electric companies "Galan" 2-3 times cheaper than all the existing heating and heating devices.


The use of modern materials and technologies, new design solutions and automatic device allowing to make these devices fully electric and fireproof.

Energy-saving mode will save consumers a lot of resources. Electricity consumption by 30-40% lower than that of other types of electric boilers.


Modern Electric heaters firm "Galan" for heating homes, cottages, industrial buildings and business complexes. Series heaters with European quality and design, capacity ranging from 3 to 25 kW, which can heat room up to 600 m3.

GALAN-PIRS Special multipurpose thermostat for heating "Galan."

Electronic control unit GALAN-0456.

Antifreeze GALAN C to further improve the reliability and efficiency of the heating system with the devices the company developed a special antifreeze to the freezing point - 65 ° C. In preparation additives are added, 'affecting the formation of scale on the walls of heat exchange products and promote the dissolution of existing as well as additives to slow down the process of corrosion.


The transition to more modern materials and new design solutions helped the new model of the boiler GALAN - Ochag-3 to win the universal love of the customer by their technical characteristics and quality.


The next step was to manufacture a more powerful boiler company GALAN Ochag-5 which, with new design solutions to heat rooms up to 100 square meters.


To improve the reliability and durability of the heating in a GALAN-POTOK additives added to the educational scale on the walls of heat exchangers and facilitate dissolution of existing, Additives interfering corrosion (Hygienic certificate) for heating the Ministry of Health.


In 2001, were put into the production of boilers that can be easily disassembled and are replaceable cartridge with electrodes, thus making them more suitable for repair. These boilers have been able to heat large cottages and production space to 350 square meters. GALAN -GEIZER-9 and Galan - GEIZER-25


Automatic temperature control of heating systems. Galan - NAVIGATOR - Various management program tied to the time of day and day of the week. Microcontroller with digital indication, automatic protective electromagnetic relay-contactor (25 kW). High reliability, modern design, the optimal ratio of performance and price.


To expand the range of heated space pot has been established, which is in the range of -25 power of 9 kW. Gala - GEJZER-15. The boiler is able to heat houses and business premises to an area of 250 square meters.

Dual electronic temperature regulator GALAN NAVIGATOR.

Energy-saving, modular, no timer, controls the pump and is connected to the sensor in the air. The load of 3kW to 25kW.


New family TENovyh boilers EVPU-1 capacity from 4 to 30 kW designed for space heating from 150 to 750 m3.

GALAN ISTOPNIK 103 - Electronic digital temperature controller.

GALAN-GSM - cellular control system of heating equipment.

Structurally and outdated model of the boiler GALAN-OCHAG was replaced by a new one. The replacement model was also due to the fact that the involvement of the forgery. The new model GALAN-OCHAG acquired additional consumer quality while maintaining cost.


Extended power series of electrode boilers hearth. There are additional power 2 and 6 kW.


Electronic programmable room temperature indicator GALAN ISTOPNIK 203.


Cellular control system of heating equipment with a built GALAN GSM GSM - module. In this model does not require the use of a cellular phone.

Electric «Galax» - a revolutionary step in the production technology of boilers.

OCHAG TURBO - electric boiler-based units Ten new generation using the latest imported materials.


Electric boilers STELS intended for heating of houses, cottages, garden houses, multistory apartment houses, garages, baths, offices and buildings, utilities, commercial, public, industrial and agricultural purposes, as well as other structures in the absence or ineffectiveness of central heating.

Electromechanical temperature «MR-15» is intended to maintain a given thermal regime of the electric water heaters up to 6 kW at 220V and up to 15 kW at 380V. The temperature is in the range from 10 ° to 60 ° C on the inverse temperature of the tube. The channel provides protection against overheating disconnection of heating when the temperature falls the pipe about 90 ° C.

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